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Committee members wanted

>From Carolyn_Richardson@notes.cch.comWed Feb  7 18:27:20 1996
Date: 7 Feb 96 16:18:43 
From: Carolyn Richardson <Carolyn_Richardson@notes.cch.com>
To: sca-caid <sca-caid@ecst.csuchico.edu>,
    sca-west <sca-west@ecst.csuchico.edu>,
    sca-reform <sca-reform@facteur.std.com>,
    outlands <outlands@mail.unm.edu>
Cc: ghita <ghita@mcs.com>
Subject: Committee members wanted

The following letter has been posted to the West, Caid, Outlands, and Reform 
Lists.  Please cross post it to any other lists you know of - these are the 
only ones I subscribe to and can post to.  A hardcopy of this letter was mailed 
to all Kingdom Exchequers and Kingdom Seneschals on February 6.  If you have 
already applied to be on one of these committees you _do not_ need to reapply - 
I already have you on file.  Please note that the duties of the committees 
listed below are not in any particular order (I suspect they'll want to elect a 
chairman first).  Also, members of the BCC may be asked to travel to the 
Milpitas office sometime this year in order to perform a review of the 
corporate books (this is optional - it isn't required).  Details and a definite 
time will be worked out later.  If you have any questions please feel free to 
call or email me.

Tetchubah of Greenlake

*****Letter follows*****

To all Kingdom Seneschals and Exchequers, and to any other person who may see 
this letter,

The Board needs you!

Specifically, I am writing to request your help in recruiting new members for 
the Finance Committee and the Budget Compliance Committee.

This is what the committees are currently set up to do (or will be doing):

  Finance Committee:  Assist the Treasurer with preparation of the next budget; 
  and present possible investment options to the Board (to optimize our 
interest income);
  investigate options for fundraising and poll the membership on those options; 
  to the Board the results of such investigation/poll; elect a chairman; 
solicit commentary
  on long range financial plans and prepare recommendations for the Board. 
  committee reports to the Finance Ombudsman and the Treasurer.

  Qualifications: None, but a background in accounting, finance, investing or 
  range financial planning would be a definite plus.  The plan is to make this 
  broader based than the BCC.

  Budget Compliance Committee (BCC):  Review variances between budgeted amounts
  and actual expenses/income on a monthly/quarterly basis, recommend ways to
  reduce amount of said variances if they are detrimental;  investigate the 
reason(s) for
  large variances; review the proposed budget (prepared by the Finance 
Committee and
  Treasurer) and suggest changes where appropriate; elect a chairman.  The BCC 
  report to the Finance Ombudsman, not the Treasurer.  This committee does not 
  any members of the Board of Directors.

  Qualifications:  Background in finance, accounting, or investing is a plus, 
or a 
  demonstrated ability to interpret budgets and similar reports.

If you know of someone in your kingdom who may be interested in participating 
in one of these committees, please have them contact me no later than April 1, 
1996.  If you or someone you know was a member of one of these committees in 
the past and is interested in staying on the committee, likewise please let me 
know by April 1 or you will be replaced by a new applicant.  Please send a 
mundane and SCA resume to the address above (since this is email the address 
shown on the hardcopy is my address - Carolyn Richardson, 645 Chestnut Avenue 
#106, Long Beach, CA 90802).  Email applications will be accepted if received 
by the deadline, but please follow up with a hardcopy via regular post.  Any 
member of the SCA may apply.

Please distribute this letter as widely as possible.  Thank you for your help.


Carolyn Richardson, Finance Ombudsman

*****End of letter*****