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DC Area Herald Practices in February

Unto the Merry Rose, greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald.

For those of you in the Storvik area who are interested in Herald Practice,
here's the schedule for the rest of February.

14 Feb: Aodhan Doilfin's office, 1723 Duke St, Alexandria VA, near King St
        metro stop. Call him at 684-3070 to be let in. (If you're coming,
        let him know, either at the office # or at his voicemail below.)

21 Feb: at Lord Hrodbeorht's (Rob & Sue's), 9301 48th Place, College Park.
        Call them at 301-474-3344 (NLT 11 pm) for directions.

28 Feb: either Doilfin's office (see 14 Feb) or at the Federal Bar Assn.
        office, 1815 H St NW in DC, near the Farragut West/North metro stops.
        Contact someone below to find out where, nearer the date.

Mistress Jaelle: 202-737-4609
Lord Aodhan: 703-486-3650
Master Herveus: 301-464-8375

Yours in service to heraldry and Atlantia, Evan, Kraken.