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Greetings again from Ian,
	I currently haven't seen the wording of the act so I must admit 
that many of my comments may be in ignorance.  But, having been dealing 
with computers and watching computer laws for many years, I see many 
chances for this to be abused.  

	1. For instance, If I send you personal email that is "lewd", and 
it gets forwarded to a minor.  Who is responsible? Me? you? both?

	2. Now, assuming I sent you a songbook with "lewd" material, and
a minor got hold of it.  Is it my problem because I gave it to you and
did not safe guard it when I did. Or is it the authors fault for writing
such great...err dirty songs in the first place, or is it yours for
failure to secure the songbook at that end.  My name and the authors name
are on the book, yours is not...

	I know that this may not pass the test of common sense, but then 
again, law rarely does.  I have seen many computers confiscated because
someone passed something lewd across them.  It may later be found to be
unconstitutional, but if they hold my computer and goods and cost me my
job in the interim, does it matter if I eventually win? 

	I'll try to keep the rest of this to private email sense the only
SCA part of this message deals with the songbook itself.  

		In service to my Lady and the Dream,

P.S. I do not have web access at work, could someone email me the text of 
the CDA so that I might enlighten some of my ignorance...

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