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Re: Unofficial Bardic/dance gathering

     Greetings to all, and a comment or two on the unofficial bardic/dance 
     gathering in South Carolina.  With all due respect, I suggest that the 
     "best" way for these new folks to learn is probably *not* to import 
     teachers, but to travel to events and to learn about the SCA in its 
     own habitat, not in an artificial environment created by people who 
     don't understand it yet.
     I say this from nearly 22 years of experience:  Groups that grow up 
     insulated from other active SCA groups, whether by circumstance or by 
     choice, usually develop misconceptions about the way the organization 
     works that ultimately cause friction or disillusionment when there is 
     interaction.  I understand that many new people, particularly if they 
     are students as these people appear to be, have difficulties with 
     transportation or with money and find it hard to travel much.  On the 
     other hand, I think that overall they will enjoy the SCA much more if 
     they see what its possibilities are in a broader context than one of 
     their own making.
     They should especially be encouraged to come to University of Atlantia 
     Thanks for the soapbox.
     Melisande de Belvoir

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Subject: Unofficial Bardic/dance gathering 
Author:  "LTjg, USN 3-8401 ext 167 Bldg 8 Rm 207" 
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Date:    2/13/96 4:43 AM

Greetings again,
 I have been asked to pass along to anyone interested that there
is to be an unofficial Bardic/Dance collegium going on in Columbia, SC 
this coming sunday.  (yes I know Ymir and Collegium are going on...) 
This is a get together that is being started by a group of new people in
the Columbia area that are interested in song/dance/storytelling and they 
thought that the best way to learn was to invite people in to teach them. 
The session will start around Noon at the University in Columbia and will 
go to about 10pm at which time we will retire to a pub for Irish music. 
They have requested that you bring a snack food to help out, they are not 
asking for any donations or fee.  Crash space may be negotiable, I am 
still getting details. Feel free to bring instruments...  
I don't yet know how "wet" the site is but will try to find out.  
 If you have any questions, please write me at
home at cturner@awod.com, or call at the number(s) in my signature.
You may also contact the coordinator for this: Elspeth Glynd/Julie Libbey 
 Many thanks and may your days be bright and your nights warm,
Chris D. Turner                      Ian O'Donnell 
Charleston S.C.                      Barony of Hidden Mountain, Atlantia 
Work: cturner@smtp.cnsy-ian.navy.mil (803) 743-8401 x167
Home: cturner@awod.com               (803) 572-8803