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Ponte Alto's Birthday Potluck

To all the folk of fair Atlantia, greetings from Ranulf of Waterford and
Caitlyn o Duirnin, the proto-Baron and Baroness of Ponte Alto.

We would like to invite any interested folk to attend a potluck dinner on the
actual birthday of the Barony of Ponte Alto on February 29.  Lady Aislynn
Fyrloc, the Seneschale, has kindly agreed to host the potluck.  

Herein is her original letter to us, with directions to the dinner site:

>To commemorate the anniversary of the Investiture of the Barony, I want to 
>host a pot-luck dinner on Thursday, February 29.  I will provide drinks and 
>paper goods.  There are heating facilities, both microwave and stove/oven.  
>There is an entertainment center with TV/VCR, so electronic child care will 
>be available.  Neither food nor clothing needs to be period.  Here's your 
>chance to eat potato salad and baked beans with your friends!  Alcohol is 
>allowed, but please limit it to beer, wine, and cordials.

>Party Starts at 6:30p, and ends at 10:00.  Those who can stay and help clean

>will be appreciated.  

>Directions:  Take your best Route to Old Keene Mill Rd (Rte. 644) in
>If you're coming from the Beltway, take 495 S. to 95 S. towards Richmond.  
>Rte. 644 is the First Exit.  Go West (young man....).  Bauer Drive is the
>real street with a Light after you cross Rolling Road. Look for signs for 
>West Springfield Terrace Apartments. Turn Right on Bauer.

>**  The Leasing Office is also where the community room is.  Follow the 
>signs, but it's the 2nd entrance. Turn Right, and PARK IN A VISITORS SPOT 
>ONLY.  If there are no Visitors spots left, park on the street.  

>If you're taking another N/S route (Fairfax County Parkway, for example), go
East on 
>Old Keene Mill.  Bauer is about 1.5 miles East of Rolling Valley Mall.  Look

>for signs for West Springfield Terrace apartments on the Left. Turn Left on 
>Bauer Dr., and follow directions from **.  If you cross Rolling Road, you 
>missed Bauer.  Turn around and try again.

>C'mon and have fun. 

We hope to see many of you there.

Caitlyn and Ranulf