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30yc Archery Masterwork Judging

     Attention crafters of bows, arrows and other archery gear!
You have the opportunity to compete against other crafters in
your field from many kingdoms, exchange ideas, learn more about
your craft, and gain recognition for your skill and knowledge.
     The Thirty Year Celebration will host the first of the
Archery Masterwork Judgings.  The  competition will recognize
excellence in several categories:
    Arrows (including quarrels)
    Other period-style archery gear (arrowheads, quivers,
        bracers,  composite recurves, etc.)
     The entries will be on display before judging, so that other
archers and the populace may view them.  Entrants will present
their own work before the judges and fellow entrants.  The judges
will question entrants and make written comments on each entry.
Final results and  winners will be announced during Thirty Year
Celebration and notice of the winners will also be sent to the
kingdom newsletters.
     Volunteers will be needed to help with the judging.
Entrants may submit items for judging as well as participate in
the judging process.  Inform the judges-in-charge at the event if
you are interested in helping to judge this contest.
     For further information contact :  HL Alisdair MacEwan, c/o
David Balbirona, 1213 Whatcom St. #120, Bellingham, WA 98226.