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To all kind Lords and Ladies does Her Excellency, Baroness Rachel de
Johnstone and the Shire of Drachentor extend warm greetings and an
invitation.  We are holding our Barony's annual Novice Tournament returning
this year to the Cherokee Boy Scout Camp in Yanceyville, NC. This is tent
camping only, but there are hot showers!

The Heavy and Rapier Novice Tourneys: For the fighters, there are the Novice
Heavy and the Novice Rapier Tournaments.  Both tournaments will have prizes
awarded to the winners.  Novice Heavy is restricted to A) Fighters authorized
in sword and shield two years or less, and B) Fighters authorized in any
other weapons form one year or less.

The Feast: In the evening, after Her Excellency's Court, is the Feast!  Any
dietary concerns must be discussed with the Feastcrats, although there will
be a vegetarian dish on hand.  For Feast information, contact: Briaffl and
Meriah (Jim and Tammy Reisser) 278 Rambler Drive, Danville, VA 24541 (804)
791-2377.  A light lunch will also be provided.

Please send all reservations, with ON-BOARD reservations by April 30th, to:
Baroness Susan Douglas of Andover (Susan Osborne) 1281 Andover Road,
Charlotte, NC 28211.  If you want to eat, get your money in early!  Please
make all checks out to: Barony of the Sacred Stone/SCA Inc. 

Pricing Information: Day-Trip, Off-Board $ 3.00; On-Site, On-Board $ 9.00;
Day-Trip, On-Board $ 5.00; On-Site, Off-Board  $ 4.00  * children aged 5-12
eat for $ 3.00

For further information, call (NLT 9:30pm) or write the Autocrat: Lady
Elenore Spyrling (Elizabeth Urbanik) P.O. Box 23, Chatham, VA 24531 (804)
432-3006.  E-Mail: eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu.
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