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banishment & monarchs

Yes Virginia, there is another mouthy Rutland, Daniel of Rutland, this time.  

Greetings, all, in the Merry Rose!

        Re: banishment...No one, crowned head or lowliest Norbert, should
have any right or privilege to tell me with whom I may play and learn in the
SCA, other than in private gatherings in private homes, tents, pavillions or
yurts.  The only exceptions are if someone has committed a violation of
mundane laws that specifically impacts the SCA, or has committed a big
violation of SCA law that seriously impinges on the ability of the SCA and
its membership to function and play and learn together.  Barring the above
violations, no one in this organization, including kings, should be deemed
so special that they have the right to kick people out of any public SCA
venue.  We are equals in a modern democratic society sharing in the joy of
the Society, with only mock aristocratic rank to make the game more fun or
educational.  We should not lose sight of that fact.
        Re: monarchs....kings and queens are a valid part of the educational
aspect of this org...but:   they should not have an administrative role
beyond the area that made them monarchs.  If the method remains one-on-one
combat, let them have some governance of that.  If it switches, as has been
recommended by some people on this channel, to mini wars, let them be
generals.  If it switches to selection by the movers and shakers of the
Society, such as the Pelicans or other peers, or seneschals, or vote of the
masses, let them have some administrative power, but always very limited and
carefully defined, or this org will cease to be fun and educational.  We're
bullied enough in the mundane world, we don't need to be bullied in the
world of the Dream.
        What we do need are kings and queens who know and understand the
theatrical side of their role, ones who can act in the living drama of our
courts, who can make courts more than endless award ceremonies, who can
research and help stage reenactments of different kinds of courts, who know
the basics of stage presence, bearing and voice projection.  Couldn't the
society have some sort of university track or seminar/training system for
wannabe monarchs to learn some of these skills?
        We need monarchs who understand that getting the limelight means
honoring and serving the audience, by providing good theater and not abusing
our time.  That includes not leaving the Populace to roast in the summer
heat for 45 minutes or more in court garb for court to begin late and with
little or no apology, an inexcusable act that has happened on more than one
        People in the SCA are typically honored for sustained hard and high
quality work in some area or areas of expertise:  Pelicans for service,
Knights for good fighting and superlative, chivalric human behavior, and
Laurels for endless research, teaching, exploration and practice of an
artistic or scientific discipline.  The Crown, the flashiest and possibly
the highest honor given, should be for more than a day's exquisite skill in
a tournament.  A king or queen should attain that status because of a record
of service and achievement and dedication to the Society for Creative
Anachronism, and once Crowned, be like a member of the peerage Orders, who
are expected to continue to serve and teach, not a recipient of an award,
who can take it and run, proudly pinning it to his or her chest.
        In closing, I would like to say that none of the above is meant to
insult or belittle the accomplishments of the many fine people who have
served as monarchs of our fair kingdom.  I have great respect for them and
hope that they will continue to serve our kingdom.  I just see the
monarchial system as full of holes and ready for a rethink.

My thanks to you for your patience with my long ramblings, good friends.

Your humble servant,  Daniel of Rutland, ML 

done this 27th day of March, Anno Societatis 29, in the Shire of Highland Foorde
Daniel D. Weil