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Selecting Crowns, a second reply attempt

T person to 
     advocate choosing candidates based on Region...then we really would 
     have a nasty situation, with populace segments backing various 
     candidates for their geographical affinity, rather than for the 
     candidate they truly believed to be worthy.  
     On the other hand, if Joe Northern drove down to Southern's tourney, 
     that would be a plus for him in my book; he's showing that as a 
     Northern candidate he has the courage of his convictions to drive 
     clear down here in the lowlands to prove it [Vivat to HRH Galmr for 
     doing just that @ Gulf Wars and various other decidedly 'Southern' 
     events, and one of these days I plan to be as committed to a good time 
     to drive ungodly distances...[Black Tower, anyone?  Raise your 
     Sorry to wax this loquacious, but, hey, where ELSE is anybody going to 
     listen without being able to interrupt? ~(:->)
     Last one:
     Eogan quoth:
     In response to Jonathan Blackbow's recent post,
     I beleive that the most signifigant thing he said was "...a good time 
     had by all."
     Just reminding everyone :)
     (Why, thank you, Eogan.  Remind me to buy you at least a beer after I 
     get down off this soapbox.  
     Remember, folx, I'm just exploring the current system and 
     brainstorming alternatives, primarily because if people were happy 
     with the current system, there wouldn't be much discussion on 
     alternatives, now would there?
     ...If the idea is good, it'll carry itself; if the idea is not good, 
     hey, that's what a discussion forum is for in the first place.
     *sits back down, empties a large tankard, hands one to Eogan, and 
     settles back to watch the fireworks...*
     J. Blackbow

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