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Sorry if a duplicate, the first may not have sent due to address errors.

Press release:

At 1330 today (Saturday), in a quiet ceremony designed to prevent
a media circus, the Powers-that-Be united together two Atlantians.

Erlich von Rauschenberg, the "Mystery/Invisible/Prodigal Squire" of
Sir Thorbrandr Olafsson, was united for the rest of his natural and
unnatural life with his lady, known to you as Patricia.  They will be
residing in that region of Black Diamond known as Marinus.  

(Erlich has always been a BD-er at heart == no offense Marinus)

Mundanely, Scott will continue working with the City of Portsmouth
Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services as a paramedic.
He will also continue activities with the Kempsville Volunteer Rescue
Squad in Virginia Beach.

Pat will begin teaching parts of the paramedic program at Tidewater
Community College, and continue with the Davis Corner Volunteer Rescue
Squad, also in Virginia Beach.

Our residence will be in Virginia Beach.  Look for us to start hitting
events again in June/July.  Also, we both are looking for rapier

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