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Corrections to Red Tape from the Earl Marshal

The following is being posted for Lord William the Stout, Kingdom Earl

Greetings from Lord William the Stout, Kingdom Earl Marshall

Within the policies of the Earl Marshal as shown in section , the
date by which the training program must be completed is erroneously listed as
May 1, 1996. The correct date by which all marshalls must complete the
training program is January 1, 1997. Also, section  should be
deleted. The training program will be addressed in an upcoming Acorn.

I apologize for any inconvenience or distress caused by this error. The next
training class will be taught in Bright Hills at Garb Wars. I look forward to
seeing many of you there.

Please pass this information along with my apology to any individuals who may
not be on this forum.

In service,

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