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Bardic stuff at Storvik Baronial Champ

To Yaakov HaMizrachi, and the other Bards of Atlantia, from Caitlin 
Cheannlaidir, Autocrat of Storvik's Baronial Championship event, greetings:

We'll be holding a Bardic competition on Saturday during the day (list opens 
at 10 a.m., competition beginning about 11); with a prize to the victor, and 
Storvik's Baronial Bardic Championship to the highest ranking Storviki.  We 
would also be pleased, if you wish, to designate one fire circle for a 
Saturday-evening Bardic circle.  Bards planning/wishing to attend may 
contact me directly at petersr@spiegel.becltd.com, and we can set up 
something that will suit you best.

Just as an aside, if you're planning to come, please send me your 
registrations by snail mail =now=, as we're not supposed to take money on 
site.  My address is 7002 Sycamore Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912.  Thanks!

Yaakov HaMizrachi

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