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Re: The Merry Thorns

> That Rouge Kevin said... 
> >Insult?  I would not insult the fair Karen more than what was 
> >necessary to have a good time.  No, wait, that didn't come out 
> >right. =) 
> OHHHHH Digging yourself a deeper grave.  Well we'll seee <EVIL LAUGH> 
> >Is that string and fruit some sort of reference to David and 
> >Goliath?  Hmph. 
> >'Twould be dishonorable if I were not given a chance to defend.  Now 
> >then, take up your *leetle* shield and I shall grab my Excalibat. 
> Obvoisuly my oafish friend you do not read..So Im not going to tell 
> you NYA NYA NYA 
>   AS for my "*leetle*" shield, do you know which side of the sield 
> goes towards the enemy? or do I need to paint instructions on the 
> insode for you? 
> ><Anything but a watermelon on a rope, and I'm calling "LIGHT!!!"> 
>  How about a pair of casaba melons and a chain? 
> _____________________________________________________________ 
> Gruffudd ap Cadfael ap Daffydd ap Rhys ap Infintum MKA Carl Harris 

Oh, dear..My Lords Landi, Mike, Jonathan?  Wouldst mind helping me move tables 
and chairs out of the way...?  I think these lords need some swinging room...

Miriam R.

Miriam Rachael bat Mordecai | Purpure on a bend Or,
The non-pregnant Miriam     | between two swans naiant
akaThe Intriguing Miriam    | respectant, wings elevated
Isenfiri-In-Exile           | and addorsed argent, three 
mka: Heather E.M. Swann     | sprigs of heather palewise
email:swann@intercon.com    | purpure.     

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