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RE: Directions to Phoenix Tourney

Poster: "Jon Brage" <Lakeston_Trevor@msn.com>

>From His Lordship, Sir Michael Trevor:  Greetings!

	I have been asked to convey the Greetings of Anne and Justin as well as their 
regrets.  Do to a plague which James has caught (strep) and a chance at some 
extra money for Anne, they will not be attending the Glorious Phoenix Tourney. 
 They Do wish to invite all with children to an event they will be holding in 
honor of their son's Birth Day!  This event will be held Saturday, next.  They 
request an RSVP.  For details on time, place, etc., (and RSVP) please call 


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Subject: 	Directions to Phoenix Tourney

Unto my fellow Alairians and Guests, from Sir Lyon FilsHenri, greetings.

Here are the promised directions for Phoenix Tourney.  As of now, I have
only SEVEN paid reservations.  I know of at least six more people who
are coming.  If you haven't paid, you must at least call Niely BY
WEDNESDAY NIGHT to let her know how many this potluck feast must feed. 
Otherwise, she can't tell people how much of what to bring. Money may be
paid on arrival--please have exact change ($10 members, $15 non-members)
or a check made out to Tidewater Medievalists.

Directions to Phoenix Tourney
Take either 264 West or 64 West.  Follow signs to 460/58 Suffolk, Bower's
Hill. (This is exit 13Atake it.)

Take the 460/58 Bypass around Suffolk (stay to the left when the highway
branches.  This will be after the weigh station and landfill.)
Exit at the "460 Petersburg" exit.  There will also be a sign here for a
Holiday Inn.

After about 17 miles you will come to the twon of Windsor.  Keep going
West. (This is not as bad as it seems.)  From the Dairy Queen in
Windsor, go 5.6 miles durther on 460.

Turn right on Route 644 (Fire Tower Road).  Landmarks: There will be a
large radio tower on your right about = mile before 644.  There is a
ceramics shop immediately before 644 and a Citgo immediately after.

Go down 644 about = mile.  You will see a cluster of pine trees and a
group of mailboxes on your right.  An Alairian banner will be here too.
This is Clark Circle.  Turn right.  Go to #20245, which is the second
driveway on the right.


PARKING: TO ensure maximum parking spaces and ease of exit, please park
at an angle along the RIGHT side of the driveway. People who arrive
first should park at the end of the drive closest to the house.

SETUP:  Those who have pavilions and large amounts of gear to unload may
drive to their campsites to unload, providing the ground isn't too wet. 
(Weather forecast doesn't predict rain.)

CHILDREN: Parents will be responsible for the actions of their children. 
ALL parents with children present will be expected to donate one hour PER
CHILD PRESENT to supervising the children's activites.  When we run out
of adults with ideas, you'll have to entertain your own kids

DOGS: Dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed or tied up at all
times, and their waste is policed from the field and other walkways.  
Remember, it will be HOT and the only shade provided is that from
pavilions.  Also, the woods are prone to ticks.  Please take these
matters into account when deciding whether or not to bring your dog.

You may call 1-800-721-0200 if you get lost.  Janet and Nathan pay for
calls to this number, so please be considerate and use it only at real


Friday Night:  
7:00 p.m. Religions Event.  Congregation and participants welcome.  Call
Father Peter with questions.

Around 11:00 a.m. (is there really any point in being precise?) Final
court of King Olaf the Bald
12:00 Phoenix Tourney starts.  Winner will have a special role to play at
coronation. Only Alairians may fight in Phoenix Tourney.

5:00 feast set up.  There will be important role-play during the feast,
so keep your eyes open.
After feast: Revels, Bardic Competition, the usual.  Field Tea Ceremony
if we get Jon drunk enough.

10:00 am-ish

Fighters' Lark:  The Phoenix Tourney Tradition--sword play to make your
mother cringe.  Always wanted to use a flail? A great axe?  Now's your


Brothers' Tourney--A Two-Man Team competition for Knights and their 
squires/men at arms, or other teams.  Alairian-qualified Non-members may
participate.  Limitations: No team may have more than one knight unless
it is  impossible to form a team without two.

After the tourney:

The first Court of Deryk and Gwenyth, Awarding of Prizes for Best
Campsite, Best Service (Common), Best Service (Noble), Best Service
(Child), Best Roleplay (Adult Male Persona), Best Roleplay (Adult Female
Persona) and Best Roleplay (Child)

Teardown.  I can't leave until it's down, so EVERYBODY stays for
teardown.  Togeher, we can be done in an hour.

Any questions, call Niely.

See you there!


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