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Re: (LONG) Re:MR:Pay-to-Fight

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Edward R. Ewen, Jr. wrote:
>          Total Prepatory Costs:$231 - $731
>               Base Event Costs:$180
>      Additional Event Expenses:$480
>  --------------------------------------------
>   For a total 1st year cost of:$891 - $1391

*Must* you remind me, Edward? =)

	Gwen's not around to read this is she?  Here in Ponte Alto,
	there's just, oh my gosh, so much *pressure* to do things
	to Splendissime(tm). =)  So, I've already spent more than
	Gawain's $231 in a helm and basket hilt alone.

	How much of this stuff can be a tax write-off? =D

	(BTW, I joined to be "legit" before I knew that I was
	also enabling myself to fight...)

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