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Re: MR: Disc: Pay-to-Fight

Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)

> When pay-to-play was the Corporate policy, Atlantia implemented pay-to-
> fight (which was part of complying). The kingdom List Mistress then
> set up policies and procedures to make this work. When the board then
> repealed pay-to-play, Atlantia was free to no longer require pay-to-fight.

> yours,
> Herveus

	If I may offer one slight correction, pay-to-fight was implimented the
summer before pay-to-play.  Not to say that Atlantia didn't change its
laws until the latter was passed, but it may affect the time line.

	The change in the corporate by-laws which allows individual kingdoms to
require membership to participate (in total (though, thankfully, none
have taken it that far) or in part)  was made at the same winter Board
meeting in which they passed required membership (after the fact,
though, when a member of the audience attending pointed out the fact
that the new rule violated the by-laws.)  The justification for doing
this then and there, again, in violation of the by-laws, was that the
'fiscal emergency' allowed them to invoke the emergency clause.  Of
course, we now know that there was no emergency, but I haven't heard of
anyone on the board considering the fact that the change is at worst
void because it was illegally done, or at best a mistake that should be
recognized and repaired.  But I digress...

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