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Re: Where has your living room gone?

Poster: Catmuse@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-10 00:54:39 EDT, you write:

>Logan.....Your Highness....pats the bench beside her.....Come join the FUN
>table....We like a princely sense of humor!
>They order another round of drinks and Marguerite says....You know...I've
>been to four events in four weeks and I'm wondering
>Oh where oh where has my little house gone,
>Oh where oh where can it be?
>The grass so high,
>It does reach the sky,
>Oh where oh where can it be?

Demetria laughs, and says, "Yes, and how about...?
Oh where oh where have my clean clothes gone?
Oh where oh where can they be?
I'd trade my hair
For clean underwear,
Oh where oh where can they be?"

<sips a long cool drink, probably something with electrolytes in it, whatever
those are, and waits for the next round to come 'round....>

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