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Poster: "Nicole C. Honeycutt" <lawless@isaac.net>

Greetings to the Gentles of the Merry Rose:
I must say this in reference to His Highness, Having been ordered to 
serve him " Worms and Dirt" I can say first hand he has a great sense of 
humor!!! I have never met another royal I would have dared play a "dumb 
wench" with, even if the Master festocrat I was serving under said it 
would be fine.  Watch our new Prince and Princess they understand this 
is a GAME and know the parts they play in making it fun for everyone. I 
am over joyed that we have a royals who would have a joyful hearts and a 
youthful love of life.
In closing as a member of the service industry I can say...a the joking 
customer more often then not leaves the bigger tip....banter pays.:p

In service
Emma Lagheles of House Blacksea
( Who would have a alternate persona of lady Andetramp<hehehe>:)
Laissez les bons temps rouler.

p.s. Your Highness just an aside....I'm really Ummm not dumb and I knew 
who you Ummmm were, I'm just Ummmm good?
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