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I did the Bowling ball thing at Pennsic

Poster: James Morrow <achbar@vnet.net>

At 06:31 PM 7/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>
>I heard my first complaint about heavy hitting in Atlantia in 1982,
>before I joined the SCA. Not being a heavy fighter, I wouldn't have
>the slightest idea if any such comments are true, but I do know that
>it's been an unsolved issue for a long time.
>I'd like to make a constructive suggestion, one which might help
>everyone: a TI article described an apparatus, consisting of a post, a
>bowling ball, and a tape measure, which can be used to accurately
>measure the force of a blow.
>Perhaps it would be fun to make such a device, pick an amount of force
>which seems reasonable to the Chivalry and/or the marshals, and hold a
>contest to see which fighter can most reliably deliver said blow?
>Tests like this might enable the armored fighters in the kingdom to
>agree on what an appropriate killing blow is, and making it a contest
>might make it fun and constructive.
>Gregory Blount

  I thought the Guys from Ansteorra hit pretty hard too.  Perhaps the
calibration is restricted to only a few people. I have had little difficulty
in having people accept my blows.
   The Bowling Ball Trick was fun at Pennsic.  Her Excellency Brenna of
Storvik was knocking that Balling Ball all over The Place.  It hurt my pride
being shown up by a...well, you get the Picture.  She is a baroness now, I
suppose that Bowling Ball Trick paid off!   :)



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