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Re: Ongoing Self Calibration

Poster: Dan Mackison <cn2682@coastalnet.com>

Dawn_Skully@notesgw.hns.com wrote:
> Poster: Dawn_Skully@notesgw.hns.com
> Greetings to all here at the Merry Rose -
> I have been following the calibration chat with interest. We have the bowling
> ball thingy to help calibrate how hard a blow is thrown but I haven't heard a
> way to calibrate receiving a blow.
> I've often listened to grumpy fighters doing a post-mortem on a fight and I've
> wondered why they don't tell it to the guy they were fighting because he/she is
> the one that needs to hear it. My next thought is sometimes something along the
> lines of "Yeah, then we'd really see a fight". What we need is a regular,
> non-threatening process for feedback from one fighter to another.
> What if it were custom to have a debriefing(??) Marshall? After each and every
> Atlantian tourney match, both fighters would walk off the field and over to the
> Marshall. 

	I think this idea could be expanded. Although I would hate to see this
made a rule (heavy fighting can run slow already and timing between
individuals differ), I have always encouraged communication between
fighters WHETHER OR NOT THERE IS A PROBLEM. When I walk up to a fighter
and say "how did you kill me just then? I thought I had that blow
blocked", I learn something. 
	For myself, there have been times where opponent thought he hit me and
didn't. The guard on my two handed sword is a big sweeping thing that
does an excellent job of protecting both my forearms and my thighs when
I have it down in a proper position (I am still getting faked out of
proper position way too much).
	When I walk up to talk, I have had a fighter say to me "I swore I had a
good hit on your arm. I swung as hard as I could and you still didn't
take it". If I hadn't approached him, he probibly wouldn't have said
anything. By my approaching a man who I had no issue with, he has given
me the opportunity to explain and perhaps show him the bars that have
once again been bent on my handguard.    

Thomas MacFinn (mka Dan Mackison)

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