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Poster: alairia@juno.com (L. Z. Morgan)

My Good Friends of Atlantia:

I feel that I must voice an opinion on this matter, though rightly it is
not any more my concern.  If I am out of place, I will accept your
rebukes humbly.

I qualifed to fight in the East, in the early 1980's.  I enjoyed fighting
enormously and showed great promise.  I won the Branswatch Golden Sword
as most promising novice  my first time out (before I even authorized)
and I was squired before I had been authorized two months.

I moved to Atlantia in 1984 and promptly quit fighting.  It seemed to me
that winning was everyhting down here, new people were welcome only if
they had an "in" with a certain famous fighter I shan't name, and most
of all and most relevant, they hit too bleeding hard!  Gone was the idea
I was taught, that any clean, unimpeded blow genereated with the body and
not just the arm was a good blow.  No, if it didn't pick you up and move
you, it was no good.  I am strong for a female, and my generation is
good--I never had problems fighting in the East, nor with folks from
Atenveldt I fought in pickup fights at Pennsic.  But the level of
calibration when I got to Atlantia sucked the fun right out of it.  I picked up steel and only seldom look back.

But I have to wonder if I'd be a knight now if I'd have stayed in the

Lyon FilsHenri of Alairia
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