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Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@tiber.ed.umuc.edu>

Greetings from Galmr,

First off, I can't remember if I commented publicly about the letter Bran 
posted so, let state our position now:

The letter (whether or not is was intentionally posted) contained some 
pretty serious indictments against several Atlantians in particular and 
the Kingdom in general.  While I strongly disapprove of the method(s) 
used to bring this matter to Our attention, neither Her Majesty nor 
myself are inclined to let the matter die.  

That said:

I broached a number of the topics since discussed at a Chivalry meeting at 
Crown Tourney.  Some members were happy the topic was brought up, others 
were not.  Whether or not there are real problems in the way Atlantians 
conduct themselves on the field, these issues must by aired out, discussed 
and acted upon.

There will be another Chivalry meeting at Pennsic.  If you are a Knight 
and have thoughts on these issues, I strongly encourage you to come 
prepared to present your views.  If you are not a Knight, but would like 
to have input, contact a Knight you know and give them your thoughts.

It is not that this is some secret meeting where non-Knights are not 
allowed.  But, since the Knights, rightly, are held to a higher standard.  
And, since this is their area of expertise, they should come to a 
consensus and, leading by example, affect solutions.

Here are a few facts as I see them:

- Some Atlantians, whether by design or accident, have made some poor 
  decisions at inter-kingdom events.  This has resulted in bad PR for 

- Many other Kingdoms feel that we recognize Knights (and Laurel and 
  Pelicans) too late leaving fighters on the field with "something to 
  prove".  A situation which may contribute to them making bad decisions 
  on the field.  Even if this is actually false, it still contributes to 
  the bad impressions left by item one.

- Most people are unwilling to address a problem directly.  That is, if 
  they see a problem, or something they think is a problem, they do not 
  talk to that individual.  Instead, they go around to *other* people and
  say, "Gee, did you see what so-and-so did?".  This does not help 
  so-and-so correct their problem, if they have one.  And it doesn't get 
  the real story to the observer if *they* were wrong.  Instead, is 
  smears, perhaps wrongly, the name of so-and-so.  Which is itself an act 
  of rudeness and discourtesy.

- A vile habit that has grown recently in Atlantia: rumormongering.  While it 
  might seem fun to revel in the agony of others, it serves no useful  
  purpose and detracts from the fun others might have at an event.  Both 
  Her Majesty and myself are going to continue to proactively discourage 
  this habit and, I think that trend may continue in TRH's reign.

I would like to thank the positive words expressed on this forum 
especially by the Ladies of the Rose, Mistress Dierdre and Earl Dafydd.  
It shows that while Honor and Courtesy may be a little battered, it still 
lives on in the hearts of most of us.

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