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Re: Courtesy: An Immigrant's Perspective

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@worldnet.att.net>

Greetings Lord Ambrosius,
    I am Baron Achbar ibn Ali.  I am happy to see that You have made a Home here in 
  In the past, I have told that each Kingdom is different.  You are taking the time to 
adjust to this Kingdom.  I thank you for this.
  Please come to Southern Atlantia.  You made it different here.  Then again, you may 
not.  I love to travel to Northern Atlantia.  Some people say that There is a different 
attitude North as oppose to South.  That is another debate.  The majority of Atlantians 
are fine people and I am sure you will come to Love them as I Love them.
  You have much to offer it seems.  I would love to learn more about Early Music.  Many 
of the readers of this List would love to learn as well.  You don't have to fight Heavy 
or Rapier.  Just do what You are doing and teach other people.
  I would love to give that Bloody Boumbek a rest.  Please teach me more about Early 
Latin Music. I have a Gregorian Chant CD around the house.  I just need to find it.
  Welcome to Atlantia.  Please introduce Yourself to me if you ever make down to 
Southern Atlantia.
   I have an idea.  Lord Ambrosius mentioned something about his fund no allowing him to 
make it to The Souhern Atlantia.  If any Northern reader of this list could by chance 
give him transportation to Coronation, I will pay his fees to Coronation ( Sight Fee, On 
Board).  My Lord Ambrosius, is this acceptable?

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