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Re: constructive solutions

Poster: Dguptill@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-10 23:58:27 EDT, you write:

>Poster: Dick Eney <dickeney@access.digex.net>
>On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Greg Lindahl wrote:
>> I'd like to make a constructive suggestion, one which might help
>> everyone: a TI article described an apparatus, consisting of a post, a
>> bowling ball, and a tape measure, which can be used to accurately
>> measure the force of a blow.
>> Perhaps it would be fun to make such a device, pick an amount of force
>> which seems reasonable to the Chivalry and/or the marshals, and hold a
>> contest to see which fighter can most reliably deliver said blow?
>> Tests like this might enable the armored fighters in the kingdom to
>> agree on what an appropriate killing blow is, and making it a contest
>> might make it fun and constructive.
>Some years ago a device for measuring the force of blows was set up at
>Pennsic.  I couldn't get near it, as the serious fighters were
>monopolizing the thing, so I don't know exactly what it was, but does
>anybody remember it and remember whether anything was done with the

The gizmo was set up by Sir Pieter Van Doorn of the Middle, who is mundanely
a PhD in some field of science. He did around 10 years' worth of research,
and distilled the results into the aforementioned TI article. The apparatus
in question consists of a bowling ball, adjustable-height aluminum pole,
stakes and ropes therefor, and measuring and line-marking equipment. The TI
article has pole heights and radii for light, good, and excessive blows. I've
got a Van Doorn rig somewhere around the house, and can bring it to Pennsic
if people are interested.

***War story Alert!!!
No s***, there we were at Assessment I or II or thereabouts. After a hard
day's fighting, we were lounging in the creek and (at the time) Lord Pieter
came by to ask if any fighters wanted to whack bowling balls. Some discussion
ensued, with fighters worried about messing up their swords on the bowling
balls. Pieter pointed out that they hit helms, and the inertia was the same.
Somebody pointed out that helms only weigh 10 pounds, to which Pieter said,
"Well, my balls weigh ten pounds, too....." Oops.
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