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Re: Battle Poetry

Poster: Michael Surbrook <susano@access.digex.net>

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996 edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com wrote:

> Have you ever had any deep, transcendent feelings in battle?

Hmm... hard to say.  Although, at the recent Highland River Melees there
was a moment where I seemed to truly be... 'on'.

> Have you ever had the urge to write a poem about battle?

Well, since I'm not a poet... no.

> What moves you to, say, compare an opponent to a baby seal?

I have never do so.  Although I can understand the concept of one's
opponent being so inept, clueless or helpless that hit him would be like
'clubbing a baby seal'.

> Does the comparison occur to you at the time, or in retrospect?

See above.

> Did my Beowulf quote strike any chords with anything you have felt? 

I liked the language and manner of expression.

> Did you see "Henry V"?


> Like, wasn't that cool?

You bet.  Why do you think Michael Limner hails from 1415 England?

BTW: have you ever read John Myers Myers _Silverlocke_?  In it, the bard
Talesian recounts the battle of the Alamo in the style of an epic poem.
My favorite line runs as such:

"...the price for entry [into the Alamo] was ten lives for one, and no
man got by on credit..."


> Would you attend a class on Period Battle Boasts?

I would find it interesting and hopefully entertaining.

> Would you prefer such a class conducted by
>  1) a respected fellow cataphract,
>  2) a gracious Lady of the Rose, well-acquent with tourney courtesy,
>  3) a smart-alecky buffoon who daren't don a helm himself, and lacks
>     the patience to even so much as watch the fighting

Someone who understands what he is talking about and who he is talking to.

While on the subject, this reminds me of the time a challenge tourney was
held at Pennisc some time ago.  Haybales were used to mark bridges and the
teams of fighters were given flags to defend.  The idea was to simulate
certain Authurian legends.  The teams would meet, exchange challenges &
boasts and then fight, one at a time till one side of the other possed the
bridge (& the flag).

It so happened that I was the banner bearer for the Lochmere team.  I can
only remeber one challenge, but Iit was by best.  Here goes (I hope I can
get it right):

"Know that you face the Barony of Lochmere, squires, knights and barons
all.  We are from the Kingdom of Atlantia, the greatest of all Kingdoms of
the Known World.  We now offer you a chance to yield this bridge, so that
you may live to see the sun rise on the morrow.  But, if you choose to
contest this bridge, please, tell us your Kingdom of origin so that we may
ensure you are buried beside your countrymen."

I distinctly remember on of my own team mates muttering 'damn' right after
I finished.  

The two challenging heralds looked at me, looked at each other and then
said something like:



"What you said."

"And... uh..."

Anyway, they managed to assemble a challenge, but the expression on thier
faces was priceless.  ^_^

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