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Re(3): Fabric Stores in No. Atla

Poster: Karen Louise Flessas <LOUISE.FLESSAS@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

At 03:57 PM 7/18/96  Corun MacAnndra wrote:

>I have heard of a fabric store somewhere near the VA/NC border, kind of
>off the beaten path, that sells great brocades and such. I don't recall
>the name, but Countess Alyson has mentioned making runs past there on
>the way back from various southern events. Does anyone know this store?

Corun -

I'm not sure if it is the same store, but I have found one just off of I-77
in Virginia, about 6-8 miles North of the NC border.  Look for the Fancy Gap
exit, go west and make the first left (the store can be seen from I-77 on
the frontage road).

It's a huge flea market/lawn ornament/pottery/arts & crafts/ you name it-
they've got it  kind of place.  (The name of the place still escapes me).

I have found an incredible variety of fabrics there, end of the mill, last
of the season stuff.  You do have to sift through the rooms, but for
example, I found some gold mesh (for snoods) for $2/yd that runs for $10/yd
at G Street.  I also have found my folding wooden chair, simple pottery for
feast gear, and yards of cotton sheeting by the pound.  The last time I
stopped by I saw low quality cotton velveteen for around $4/yd.  Brocades
are there sometimes, but its more along the line of 'let's see what they
have this week'.

Hope this will help.

Frau Johanna von Sudeborn


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