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Re: blow calling

Poster: Dexter Guptill <dguptil@erols.com>

At 09:51 AM 7/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Poster: Joe <joebainc@digital.net>
>  We could not get the Meridians to fight a war 
>against us so we were very happy to have a warlike opponent. The next 
>year I was Prince and we changed the name to Sea Raids, I think Duke 
>Richard was your King that year).

Ahh, yes. The good old days. I don't remember whether it was Richard I or
Richard II's reign, but one of those two Pennsics was a draw because people
got pissed off and they called the Bridge Battle. Atlantia and Trimaris were
whaling away at each other on one bridge, and a certain uppity squire who
shall go nameless got to talking with His Majesty Dickon about restarting
the battle on that bridge, with the dead resurrecting on the other side... A
good time wound up being had by all.

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