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Re: heartache

Poster: jonesj@SunBelt.Net (Phillip Jones)

On Fri, 19 Jul 1996 13:25:04 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>Poster: Aelfgar GreySeas <aelfgar@access.digex.net>

>Second, I wonder if a change of definition might be helpful. It occurs to me
>that our tournament fighting, as currently defined, is closer to the 
>gladitorial games of ancient Rome than to the tourneys of High Chivalric
>period. The bouts are contests to the death, where a _killing blow_ determines
>the victor.

The Rapier tourneys often are decided by First or second blood, and
killing your opponent in such a tourney is more than just Bad Form, it
generally counts as a loss. I think the idea is to show that you have
such skill and control that you don't NEED to kill  anyone.

It is a Good Idea that the Chivalry leads the way in re-defining our
calibration attitudes, but the Populace can also accomplish much in
this direction. Those responsible for directing tournaments are free
to set up the ground-rules, and if the MIC and Autocrat can reach
consensus on having a non-mortal tourney, then the fighters will

Lord Phillip Bell.
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