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Re: Calibration problems.

Poster: Wynn Klosky <klosky@meeker.UCAR.EDU>

Greetings to all who come by my words from Branwynn Ottersby!

On Sun, 28 Jul 1996, Billy Palmer wrote:

> Although I now reside elsewhere, I find my heart often still in Atlantia,
> and find that an age old problem still haunts my homeland.  In this regard,
> I would share some thoughts with you.
> After having lived in several kingdoms, I have found that, subjectively, we
> are not much different in our blow calling.  Funny how the war stories seem
> to make it so.

This once again proves the net-old adage that YMMV :^)...

I, too, look to the shores of my fair homeland when I am most in
need of inspiration in the distant lands where I find myself, but
have discovered that war stories ain't necessarily a bunch of hooey.

In both of the other kingdoms which I have resided since leaving
the Best of Kingdoms ;^), I have had to calibrate DOWN from Atlantian
force, and in both places being told a few times that I hit
too hard (please bear in mind, for those of you who don't remember
me, that I was just an average 5'7" then; not exactly a giant among
men OR women) until I settled in.

It really does happen; it is not just so much stuff and nonsense.
They really *do* take a much lighter blow some places, and they
really *do* do killing from behind and on the ground and in the
face and, and, and...and they really *DO* judge visiting fighters
based on *their* local fighting conventions. (Of course, there
are places that are just the same, too.)

So *DO* take THL BdB's well-thought out advice and calibrate 
with a local fighter near you (heck, several!) when you are
visiting, and be sure to talk stuff out after. It's only best
manners, and it's the only way to preserve your personal dignity
across what might be a communication gap otherwise.

If I sound adamant about this, it is because I, quite frankly,
get tired of hearing stories about Atlantians at war. I have
never heard as many stories about other groups classed as a whole
except for Tuchux. (I'm not saying that Atlantian reality is
anywhere near Tuchux reality, just that a body of legend has
grown up around both.) It is about time that we prove that Atlantians
are NOT the hard-skinned, win-at-any-cost, war-mongering fiends
that have evolved in the legend. It is possible, too, to kill
with kindness :^)

Thankful for your indulgence,
I remain,
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