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Re: Tirant Clubs Baby Seal

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Greetings and Allah's Peace to my Atlantia Comrades!!

edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com wrote:
> Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com
> <snipped some of the good stuff>

> himself.  Tirant struck his arm so often that he could no longer
> lift it, and at last a mighty blow drove his helmet into his skull,
> causing his brain to squirt out his eyes and ears as he fell to
> earth dead."
> I am struck by how this differs from my notions of chivalry.
> I would have expected that Tirant would withdraw a bit, or
> ask his opponent to yield.
> And I would expect that Diaphebus, the young knight relating
> the battle, would describe the loser more charitably.
> And I would expect that the man who's hearing the tale, William
> of Warwick (aka Guy of Warwick), the paragon of chivalry,
> would say something about either the mismatch itself or the
> way it was told being slightly unchivalrous.
> The fact that this book, written by an actual knight in the Period
> to uphold the values of chivalry, fails to meet my expectations,
> suggests to me that my notions of chivalry are not accurate.
> Is my idea of chivalry, in fact, in line with the general modern view?
> Is the author's idea of chivalry in line with the general view in
> the Period?
> Is the general modern view of chivalry in line with the Period view?
> If the two views differ, which, if either, should the Atlantian Chivalry
> strive towards?
> Are these questions worth pondering, or discussing at the Merry Rose?
> Does this raise any other ponder-worthy questions that I haven't mentioned?
> -- Alfredo

We talk alot of interkingdom anthropology on this list, and of late, this has certainly 
been true.  I wonder, though, if there is not some "interperiod anthropology" going on 
here.  Most of our references to chivalry are in the context of tourneys l'pleasance, 
not l'outrance, like this fight certainly was.

Sal Allah 'Din (Saladin) was considered the essence of chivalry, yet we all know how 
ruthless and merciless he was in defending against the crusades, and the saracens 
followed suit.

I wonder if Saladin talked about sending the enemies to visit Uncle Dirt Nap.;b

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