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Fwd: Sign this petition to save Sesame Street from budget cuts.

Poster: RCLOVELY@aol.com

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Date: 96-08-01 14:41:26 EDT

>Subject: Support PBS!!
>A serious petition, add your name and send it on. 
>This is a petition to save Sesame Street.  All you do is add your name 
>on the list and then forward it to everyone you know.  The only time you 
>send it to the included address is if you are the 50th, 100th, etc. 
>Send it on to everyone you know.
>PBS, NPR (National Public Radio), and the arts are facing major cutbacks 
>in funding.  In spite of the efforts of each station to reduce spending 
>costs and streamline their services, the government officials believe 
>that the funding currently going to these programs is too large a 
>portion of funding for something which is seen as "unworthwhile."
>Currently, taxes from the general public for PBS equal $1.12 per person 
>per year, and the National Endowment for the Arts equals $.64  a year in 
>total. A January 1995 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll indicated that  76% of 
>Americans wish to keep funding for PBS, third only to national defense 
>and law enforcement as the most valuable programs for federal funding. 
>Each year, the Senate and House Appropriations committees each have 13 
>subcommittees with jurisdiction over many programs and agencies.  Each 
>subcommittee passes its own appropriation bill.  The goal each year is 
>to have each bill signed by the beginning of the fiscal year, which is 
>October 1.  In the instance of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, 
>the bill determines the funding for the next three years.  When this 
>issue comes up in 1996, the funding will be determined for fiscal years 
>1996-1998.  The only way that our representatives can be aware of the 
>base of support for PBS and funding for these types of programs is by 
>making our voices heard.
>Please add your name to this list if you believe in what we stand for. 
>This list will be forwarded to the President of the United States, the 
>Vice President of the United States, and Representative Newt Gingrich, 
>who is the instigator of the action to cut funding to these worthwhile 
>If you happen to be the 50th, 100th, 150th, etc. signer of this 
>petition, please forward to :
>      kubi7975@blue.univnorthco.edu. 
>This way we can keep track of the lists and organize them.  Forward this 
>to everyone you know, and help us to keep these programs live.
>Thank you.
>1.  Elizabeth Weinert, student, University of Northern 
>2.  Nikki Marchman, student, University of Northern Colorado,Colorado. 
>3.  Laura King, Salt Lake City, Utah
>4.  Mary Lambert, San Francisco, CA 
>5.  Sam Tucker, Seattle, WA
>6.  Steve Mack, Seattle, WA
>7.  Stacy Shelley, Sub Pop Records, Seattle, WA. 
>8.  Amy Saaed, Seattle, WA
>9.  Jill Hudgins, Atlanta, GA
>10. Alex Goolsby, student, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 
>11. Aisha K. McGriff, North Carolina School of Science and Math 
>12. Amy Brushwood, North Carolina School of Science and Math 
>13. Mason Blackwell, student The College of William and Mary 
>14. Melinda Murphy, student, St. Mary's College of Maryland 
>15. Amy Raphael, student, University of Pennsylvania
>16. Nancy Adleman, student, Stanford University 
>17. Paul Bodnar, student, Stanford University
>18. Kunal Bajaj, student, University of Pennsylvania 
>19. Sharon Seltzer, student, University of Pennsylvania
>20. Sugirtha Vivekananthan, student, University of Pennsylvania 
>21. Ann Wang, student, University of Pennsylvania
>22. Seth Resler, student, Brown University 
>23. Leslie Ching, student, Brown University
>24. Sylvia Barbut, student, Carnegie Mellon University 
>25. Karri Plotkin, student, Carnegie Mellon University 
>26. Kamilla Chaudh, student, Emory University
>27. Jon Gordon,student,Princeton University
>28. Nadine Knight, student, Princeton University 
>27. Erica Amianda, student, Johns Hopkins University
>30. Rachel Pletcher, student, Johns Hopkins University 
>31. Janet Aardema, student, Davidson College
>32. Kelly Kiefer, student, Davidson College 
>33. Jane Ruschky, student, Davidson College 
>34. Courtney Pace, student, Davidson College
>35. Allison Patten, student, Northwestern University 
>36. Chad Ballentine, student, Franklin Road Academy 
>37. Allison Patten, student, Northwestern University 
>38. Rachel Allen, student, Rhodes College
>39. Mary Rose Herbert, student, Guilford College 
>40. Christie Todd, student, Rhodes College
>41. Athena Petropoulos, Rhodes College 
>42. Kathryn Hoang, student, Rhodes College 
>43. Lan To, student, Rhodes College
>44. Ben Hagy, student, Reed College
>58. Tehmina Banatwala, English Teacher, Houston, TX 
>59. Paula Leigh Cox, Account Executive, San Antonio, TX 
>60. Jennifer Franks, Account executive, San Antonio,TX 
>61. Mike Mineo, student, UT medical school, Houston, TX
>62. Andre de Launay, Amer. Grad. School of Intl.Mgmt, Glendale,AZ 
>63. Tawne Bachus, Thunerbird, the American Grad School of 
>Intl.Mgmt.,Glendale, AZ.
>64. Ty Bachus, graphic designer, Herndon, VA
>65. Thomas Inskip, software engineer, Washington, DC. 
>66. Dana Hollish, Green Seal
>67. Neil Payne, St. Mary's College, MD 
>68. Douglas G. Davis, Gainesville, Fl. 
>69. Paula Garfinkle, Potomac, MD
>70. Jeff Boodman, Falls Church, VA
>71. Erica Sangster, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge MA
>72. Nathalia Glickman, Graduate student, University of Oregon,Eugene, 
>73. Chee Chan, Ex-Pat, Singapore
>74. Justin Tan, University of Toronto, Canada
>75. Sue Burrows, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada 
>76. Kelly Cox, York University, Toronto, Canada
>77. Amanda Holt, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada 
>78. Sara Fisher, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
>79. Elliot Salmons, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto,Canada 
>80. Dori Skye, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada 
>81. Jana Atkins, York University, Toronto, Canada
>82. Joshua Engel, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 
>83. Haim Gorodzinsky, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 
>84. Melissa Medley, Loyola University Chicago, IL
>85. Kim Puhr, Loyola University Chicago, IL 
>86. Lena Dukic, Chicago, IL
>87. Betsy Greer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 
>88. Lisa Thompson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 
>89. Ryan Emanuel, Duke University, Durham, NC
>90. Gautham Venkat, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 
>91. Christina Varughese, u of penn, phila, pa
>92. John Varghese, student,University of Md at Baltimore County 
>93. Jason Putsche, student, University of Md at Baltimore County 
>94. Melissa Koponen, student, St John's University, Queens, NY 
>95. Peter C. Frank, student, New York Law School, New York, NY
>96. Mark J. Bousquet, student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY 
>97. Roberta E. Chase, student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,NY 
>98.  Eric Schonthal, student, Carnegie Mellon University, PA
>99. vincent Noth, student, Carnegie Mellon University, PA 
>100. Tressa N. Pope, student,Carnegie Mellon University, PA 
>101. Fred Koehler, student, Carnegie Mellon  University, PA 
>102. Minna Koh, student, Carnegie Mellon University, PA
>103.  Miklane Fedorowich, student, Carnegie Mellon University, PA 
>104. Denis Ziegler, student, Carnegie Mellon University, PA
>105. Umar Munroe, student, Carnegie Mellon University, PA 
>106. Scott Rodriguez,student,Columbia University,NY
>107. Cathy Concepcion Reynaga, Columbia University, NY 
>108. DiLenny Roca, Columbia University, NY
>109. Angela Robinson, Columbia University, NY 
>110. Holly Manansala, Columbia University, NY 
>111. Catherine S. Chang, Columbia University, NY 
>112. Anne Hong, Columbia University, NY
>113. Elizabeth Nickerson, Columbia University, NY
>114. Mary Stam, Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School, MA 
>115. Juliette A. Schwartz, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional
>116. Christopher W.  Peterson, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional H.S., MA 
>117. Elisa Joy Rollins, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS, MA
>118. Sarah Tyler, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS, MA
>119. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, 
>LA, Ca
>120. Sam Weinstein, adult with young child, Maryland 
>121. Maya Maldonado-Weinstein, pre-school, Maryland 
>122. Pamela Martin, Mother, UCLA Graduate Division 
>123. Edna L. Joe, Mother, UCLA Graduate Division 
>124. Debra Frazier, UCLA Human Resources
>125. Jessica Cummis,  Los Angeles CA 
>126.  Corey Cooper, Van Nuys, CA.
>127. Steve Oliveau, Los Angeles, CA 
>128. Tina Barnes, West Toluca Lake, CA
>129. Shalom Abrahamson, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA 
>130. Christina Brown, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA 
>131. Melvalynn Prugo, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA 
>132. Kathy Hughes, Warner Bros.,Burbank, Ca
>133. Sheri Sabbag, Mission Hills, Ca
>134.  Lynne M. Mierzwiak, Warner Bros, Burbank, CA
>135   Alex E Kang, Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Glendale, CA 
>136. Tony Augi, Warner Bros Consumer Products, Burbank, CA. 
>137. Laura E. McDermott, D2, Venice, CA
>140. Tom Ford, Imageworks, Culver City, CA
>141. Rachel Nicoll, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Culver City, CA 
>142. Debbie Duncan, Macromedia, San Francisco, CA
>143. Rebecca Pauling, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 
>144. Sharon Mueller, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
>145.  Cindy Ponce, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 
>146.  Joanie Vernon, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barabara, CA 
>147. Tim Schwartz, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 
>148. Yukina Warner, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
>149. B.J. Kaufman, Nestle USA, Glendale, CA - Newt - WHAT WERE YOU 
>150. Diane Aquino-Medina, Nestle Brands Foodservice Company, Glendale, 
>151. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harand - Nestle Brands/Warner Bros., Sherman Oaks 
>152.  Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Ryan - Stevenson Ranch, CA
>153.  Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Maske - United Parcel Service/Nestle Food Co., 
>Glendale, CA - Concerned viewers, parents of viewers, and citizens who 
>consistently exercise their right to VOTE!
>154.  Linda Glover, Case Swayne Co., Corona Ca. 
>156   Ellen Larkin, Vermillion, SD
>157  Canada Ross,  Novato,  CA
>158  Sarah Meyers, New York, NY - I VOTE FOR COOKIE MONSTER (AND THE ARTS)! 
>159.  Scott Myers, Washington, DC
>160. Ariela Migdal Washington, DC
>161. Joel Migdal, Seattle, WA
>162. Jeff Rosen, Berkeley, CA
>163. Stephen Boskin, San Francisco, CA 
>164. Patricia Eberhard, San Francisco, CA 
>165. Glenn Mar, Concord, CA
>166. Jennifer Rolston, San Francisco, CA 
>167.  John MacGregor, Sandpoint, ID
>168. Nassir Azimi: "I learned English from Sesame Street when I 
>immigrated...It is important to keep...the only tv still good enough for 
>to watch and teenagers such as when I came to the US." 
>KEEP Sesame Street alive!!!
>                    Waterville, ME
>169:L.F. Chew, Stroudsburg,  PA
>170. Allen Breiner, Portland, OR
>171. Phyllis Woods, Aloha, OR
>172. Gary McAlpine, Beaverton, OR - Let's see... trade-off their education, 
their environment, their funding for cultural development, morgage
their future,
and now deny them Sesame Street, all in the name of short term greed and
Yup! We sure love our children!
173.  Mary Schumann, Beaverton, OR
174.  Katherine Penney, Beaverton, OR.  Learned to read at 2.5yrs from 
watching Sesame Street.

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