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For Those Departing for Pennsic....

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

See y'all soon; I'm off to the wilds of the Incipient Shire of Dun na Slieve, 
in the Realm of the East north of my Carolingia birthplace, to visit my lady 
Mother for the weekend.

If anyone's headed for landgrab, please travel safely!  I'll hope to see y'all 
on War Weekend, as my plans to arrive earlier have been messed with by a 
shipping date....  :-( (doggone software!!)

May you all travel safe, be saved from traffic backups, accidents, flat tires, 
travel sickness, insufficient petrol, or any of the thousand other curses that 
can beset a traveller.  May your trip through Troll be a breeze, and your 
campsite nearby; may there always be hot water and no line when you need your 
shower, may your shopping trips be wonderful, and always plenty of chocolate 
milk at the Store when you need it!

And of course, may Atlantia's warriors (the best in the Known World!), 
heavies, fencers and archers, be the most victorious, most chivalrous, most 
valorous, and most blessed with victory.  May our King and Prince shine among 
the cream of the best, their blows accurate and deadly; may our Queen and 
Princess, most lovely and kind, glow like the priceless roses they are among 
all the flowers of the World's garden, inspiring us all.

Which is not to forget our A & S wizards, most creative and knowledgeable; 
artisans, musicians, dancers, scholars, poets, singers, calligraphers and all, 
may we strive not only for beauty, but for the honor of Atlantia.  

Hooray for Pennsic!  VIVAT ATLANTIA!!


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