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Re: Curragh Mor

Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)

> So I'll ask now, does 
> anyone know who might have been onboard the Nimitz, in armor, fighting, or 
> seeing fighting, at sea, or in port?  I want names and possibly contact points, 
> pictures if possible.  Have them contact me, either via e-mail or phone if 
> necessary, or even contact Landi;^). 

	Sorry, you'll have to do the dirty work yourself.

	Literally the first person I met at a Society event was a squire then
just recently off of the Nimitz, by (SCA) name of Vallist Ballstien (or
Balist Vallstien, something like that) from the panhandle of Texas (some
town south of Amarillo which name escapes me at this time.)  My memory
of the incident as related then was that it was a Russian Trawler (not a
bomber) and the officer of the watch ordered all SCA fighters to the
rear elevator with armor for practice.  So it wasn't the flight deck,
and it wasn't the captain.  Vallist said he was there.

	This was related to me at the Barony Steppes event in September of
1981, and he had just left the Navy a few months before, so it would
have occured sometime during his time on the ship, probably a 77-81
timeframe.  I know he was still active when I left Ansteorra in '84, but
these days, who can say.

now feeling old.
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