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It's Me!

Poster: Melford@aol.com

Well Sweetie,

You have time to post to silly messages but you don't have time to post to me
Why not?
Oh buy the way, or is it by the way, either way, I was talking to a guest
today (that's customer to the rest of the retail world)  And her boyfriends
son in law (get that relationship) works for Boeing in some sort of
electronics capacity,  we were talking about you and why Abster and I moved
here (crime rate, cost of living, nasty people ect., ect., ect.)  and she's
going to have them (him, what ever) get in touch with me, you, what ever,
because to get a job at Boeing or Intel you really need to know some one.  So
lets hope it happens. (how's that for run on sentence structure)

Love Ya!!!!
Miss Ya!!!!!
Really, Really, Really miss Ya!!!
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