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Something to give Atlantian Fighters the Advantage?

Poster: Lance Day <lday@access.digex.net>

Unto the Remaining Patrons of the Merry Rose: Greetings!

I was reading the issue of NASA Tech Briefs that came today
and found an article that might be of use to the Invincible
Fighters of Atlantia.

It's titled innocuously enough: 'Improved Hyperhydration Beverage'

The article starts off:

"A beverage has been formulated for restoring hydration homeostasis
in persons who have become dehydrated (hypohydrated) through
physical extertion, illness, or other causes." (like Fighting, maybe?)

They go on to describe how the formulation has near optimum osmolality
(that is, the right concentration of chemicals to ensure maximum
fluid transfer through the intestinal wall) and do a couple of 
comparisons to 'commercial rehydration beverages' in which it performs

Now, if we could just get the Waterbearers to feed this to Our
Fighters and not the opposition... :) 

The ingredients are:

9g of sodium chloride
15.44g sodium citrate
0.72g aspartame (helps induce voluntary consumption)
and enough water to make 2 liters.

I'm not sure what their recipe would taste like, but I'm _sure_
it tastes better than Catnip Sekanjabin...


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