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Re: Test Message - Please ignore -Reply

Poster: Gwynyth@aol.com

In a message dated 96-08-09 09:58:04 EDT, NUDVLLK@gwgate.bas.ncsu.edu (Laurie
Kovaleski) writes:

 Be glad that you are heading to the War on Sunday. Have you ever been on the

 Pennsic battlefield at 6pm on Saturday with cars 20+ long & 4 rows wide, all
waiting to
 check in? >>

Greetings all,

  I know, I'm usually very quiet here, lurking off in the corner somewhere,
but as there are few of us about this week...I thought I should speak up and
be counted among those of us who are not yet at Pennsic.

I wish I knew for sure I could leave tomorrow.  My car, at this moment is
*still* being worked on by mechanics...and was supposed to be ready a week
ago, and my youngest child has a cold which has set off her asthma, and I am
most reluctant to leave before she is much improved in her health. <sigh>  Oh
well, I suppose it gives me extra time to sew that one more chemise or two I
always wish I had at Pennsic.

Journeyman Chirurgeon
House Drunken Badger...camping on the Hill, if I ever get out of my house. :)

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