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Re: Under New Management

Poster: kittyr@pinn.net (Kitty Randall)

>Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>
>Okay, all you I-didn't-go-to-Pennsic types:
>Kendrick is leaving me in charge of you guys while he's off getting 
>skewered by EK rapiers and shopping for that certain something for his 
>lady and trading juggling tricks and.....

Well, thankfully most of us play well with others and don't run with
scissors (unless my laurel loses hers) *wink*. Methinks you should just sit
back and enjoy the ride!  Personally, I'm going to my first Pennsic in 7
years and I'm not sure if I can sit still long enough for my ride to get
here.  They may have to catch up to me as I run down the road with my pack
and my bow!  :)


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