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Re: It's Me!(banter)

Poster: Razmus the Innocent <azrael@access.digex.net>

Sallie Montuori wrote:
> Poster: Sallie Montuori <foxdale@dakota.widomaker.com>
> > (muffled)Ouch!
> >
> > HEY!!!!  What did I just kick under the table?!?!?  (Sean reaches under the
> > table and pulls out)  HENRY?!?!?  What are _YOU_ doing there?!?!?
> >
> > Sean(have fun)
> Ah, so that's why the table was trembling so violently!  I saw it from
> across the room!

"Hmmm," Razmus ponders.  "I had heard something about Henry and ankles
time back didn't I?  I didn't realize he had stooped [crouched?] to
under tables."

Looking over Razmus notes that one couldn't even see Henry's ankles
the table like that anyway.  

"Oh well, just a couple hundred messages left..."

- Raz

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