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Re: Photosquoze OED

Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)

The CD version of the OED2 isn't complete; it is abridged (more like the
single volume of the OED that some folks have.)  The complete OED2,
which is what MIT and Princeton and others have, is complete.  It is
also distributed on tape, and requires over a gigabyte of disk space and
comes with search engines (that end to be non-trivial to get working right.)
The cost for the lisence is significantly more than $895 for that version.

Oh, and whoever was thinking that the multivolume OED cost $500, sorry.
For the full size OED2 you are looking at about $2000, last time I checked.
(The Borders bookstore in Tyson's Corner has one set in stock, if anyone
is interested in finding out exactly how much it is.)  But, as a
research tool for the (modern) English language, there is nothing better.

Having easy access to the Onlike OED2 was one of the things I gave up
when I quit working at Princeton.  I miss it, but I think I miss the
library more.

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