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Event Announcement: Southern PA: Montevale

Poster: Razmus the Innocent <azrael@access.digex.net>

I was typing this out for my newsletter anyway, and thought I 
might include it for the general consumption of everyone.  (In
case anyone was looking for an event after Pennsic.)
Typographical errors are mine, but I won't take credit for
lines which preposition end on. *wince*

Anyway, this looked like a fun event, and its VERY near the Atlantian 
East Kingdom border.   (Notice, "Exit 2" from the South - The EXIT is
even a short two miles from the border!)
Montevale (PA)
August 30-Sept 1
Eddie at War - Insurrection at Pooh Corner

For a number of years the Pikestaff  has listed our lands as being 
Eastern or Æthelmearc and even part of the Crown Province of Ostgardr.  
Thus we, the good people of the shire of Montevale have decided that 
since no Kingdom wants us - we will be our own Kingdom!  Therefore Lord 
Galen of Armagh - Emperor by act of attrition (this can happen to you if 
you’re a Seneschal that misses one meeting) - and Lady Lorin of the Dual 
Masque, Empress by act of blind ambition - er - faith (this can happen 
to you when you let a fighter autocrat) challenge any of the noble 
warriors of the East, Æthelmearc, or Atlantia to cross our borders and 
meet our Imperial army (Mercenaries wanted!)
The event will be held August 30, 31 and September 1 at the Greencastle 
American Legion Picnic Grounds in Greencastle, PA.  The site will open 
at noon on August30, and will close at 6pm on September 1.  There are 
plenty of campsites available, and there will be space available for 
merchants.  Pets are permitted; leashed please.  It is our imperial whim 
to give the hard working cooking staff the weekend off; therefor the 
feast will be catered by the Greencastle American Legion as a fund-
raiser for their most worthy programs.  It will be a mundane feast of 
BBQ chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad and roll.  They also will be 
selling sodas separately from the feast.  The feast donation is part of 
the on-board fee.  The site is wet, however the autocrat requests that 
only period containers be used.  Also, please be prepared to take your 
trash home with you.
The site has 100 acres (hence the event title) that holds field and 
woods for the armies to make much sport in.  The armies will meet in 
round robin field battles (Mercenaries REALLY Loved!).  The last man 
standing will be declare for the Empire, Kingdom, or Principality of 
their choice (Mercenaries are a Protected Species!).  The round robin 
will be a timed battle.  The Kingdom or Empire with the most fighters 
declaring for their cause will win the war point.  The woods battle will 
be a capture the flag with a twist.  All units entering the woods must 
have a flag, banner, or pennant.  When units are engaged, the unit that 
defeats the other captures their flag.  The unit with the most 
“trophies” wins.  There will be bonus points for Eastern, Atlantian, and 
Imperial banners.  We may have combat archery.  There will also be 
target archery, including a “pin the tail on Eeyore” shoot.
In addition, there will be an Arts and Sciences 
exhibition/competition/collegium.  The arts and sciences program will be 
a works in progress competition.  The exhibitor must display an 
uncompleted work while actually working on the project.  Documentation 
must accompany the project.  The competitor may bring two complete 
pieces for exhibit.  This allows the exhibitor to show and teach the 
technique involved in the project.
The autocrat for this weekend of high treason is Her Imperial Majesty 
Lady Lorin of the Dual Masque.  Mail any questions to: Lorin of the Dual 
Masque (Lorrie A. Nelson, PO Box 394, Greencastle, PA 17225.)  She may 
be reached at 301-714-4870 after 4pm.  Warning: the autocrat works 
nights!  Calls before 4pm will be dealt with by summary execution!  If 
she’s not there, leave a message and she will contact you as soon as 
The cost for this event is $10 for on-board and $5 off board.  Children 
under age 12 are half price, children age 5 and under, no charge.  Make 
checks payable to SCA, Inc. - Shire of Montevale, and send them to Lady 
Fiona Kyle (Vickie Lewis, 123 Trigtle Ave., Waynesboro, PA 17268.)  
Reservations need to have: Legal Name, SCA Name, return address, and 
proof of membership or the extra $3 if you are a non-member.  If you 
have special needs, please let us know at the time you reserve.
Directions: Find your best way to I-81, then:
>From the North: Take I81 South to Exit 4 (PA (14).  Turn right onto PA 
915 and go west approximately 1 mile to the intersection with US 11.  
Turn left onto US 11 South, and go approximately 4 miles to the Sunnyway 
Grocery store in Greencastle, turn right onto Williamson Rd.  (this is 
the last street before the traffic light.)
***Go NW on Williamson Rd., for approximately 3 miles, and look for the 
American Legion Picnic Grounds on your right.
>From the South: Take I81 north to Exit 2 (US11).  Turn left onto US 11 
and go north to Greencastle.  Turn left onto Williamson Rd.  (The first 
road on the left after the traffic light, beside the Sunnyway Grocery 
Store, and follow from *** above.)

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