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Re: A little proofreading wanted

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> Poster: Dan Mackison <DanM@skantech.com> 
> Could somebody take a look at my SCA webpage at http://
> www.geocities.com/Athens/1824/adventur.htm 
> I am trying out some new things formatting wise and want to make sure 
> It looks good on somebody's browser besides my own. 
> Dan 

Greetings, milord!

I took a look at it with the software for which I do Quality Control, namely 
InterCon's tcpCONNECT4, and it looks fine -- except for one thing.  The text 
inside the box labelled "Real Adventure" runs off the screen and out of the 
box.  Other than that, it looks great!  (That's a very moving link, too, BTW.  
Really gets you thinking what freedom is worth.)

The white text over the grassy background is a good idea....  :-)

All the links worked, and the pictures looked fine!

Nice site.  Thanks for posting the URL!

Meli ferch Iasper
Ponte Alto

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