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MR:INFO: 1492 - AOL Chat/Library of Congress

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The Library of Congress will host a live, online chat on "1492: An Ongoing
Voyage," Thursday, October 17th, 1996, 2:00 PM, ET, on America Online (AOL).
 Members of the public with access to AOL are invited to join the discussion

The topic was explored in a recent Library of Congress exhibit concerning
initial 15th Century contacts between Mediterranean and American peoples, and
it continues to engender debate.  Many of the issues raised in that
exhibition will be addressed during the chat, among them: Who lived in the
Americas prior to 1492?  Where did the Indian peoples originate?  Who
followed in the wake of Columbus?  What were Columbus' intentions?  What was
the impact?

These issues, as well as questions and comments from the public,  will be
explored by the Library's Senior Specialist in Hispanic Bibliography, Dr.
John Hebert, the curator of the 1992-1993 exhibition, and coordinator of the
Library's five-year program established to commemorate the Columbian

The live chat is part of a Library of Congress online series featuring
historical materials now available at the Library's website
(http://www.loc.gov) and accessible through AOL at Keyword: LIBRARY.  Future
chats tentatively scheduled include "Civil War Photographs," "Gettysburg
Address Papers," and "Nation's Forum Sound Recordings."

Everyone with access to America Online is invited to participate, including
historians, history buffs, students and members of the general public.  To
join the discussion on AOL, go to Keyword: LIBRARY, and click on the

For background information, visit the Library's online "Exhibits" at the LOC
website or through America Online.

   Elizabeth L. Brown, M.L.S.                            
   National Digital Library Program, LIBN/NDL/ES(1320)   
   Library of Congress, Washington, DC  20540-1320       
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