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RE: Mi'Lord Henry's reply to Lord Rabah's email on Acorn and SCA web pages

Poster: Donald DiPaula <dipaula@access.digex.net>

> Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com>
> Mi'lord Henry,
> Would you please expound on "Sturgeon's Law" and enlighten those of us
> left in the dark by your reference, please?

"90% of science fiction is crap.  but then again, 90% of everything is crap."


By US Code Title 47, Sec.227(a)(2)(B), a computer/modem/printer meet the
definition of a telephone fax machine.  By Sec.227(b)(1)(C), it is unlawful to
send any unsolicited advertisement to such equipment, punishable by action to
recover actual monetary loss, or $500, whichever is greater, for each violation.

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