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Re: Jobs and Cookies

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> As I recall from the discussion earlier, whether someone's web page 
> is warranted or not is their decision, thus solving the previous 
> difficulty.

Nope -- the current structure is one web minister per group and one
for the kingdom; there are more people than that working on web pages
directly relevant to the SCA, Inc. Plus there are all the people doing
A&S related web pages, etc, which I don't think anyone wants to
warrant, but we certainly want to encourage.

In my humble opinion, the reason to warrant, say, the Oak Editor, is
that kingdom funds are spent to print the thing. If someone wanted to
do an online A&S webpage, the kingdom shouldn't be spending money on
it (we have plenty of donations of electrons), and the page doesn't
need to be official. The urge to give someone a cookie ought to be the
same either way. Aren't there examples of merchants being given
service awards?

Gregory Blount

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