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Re: MR: Our story so far...

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> I
> actually can think of a good reason to warrent official web masters, and
> that is the same one used to warrent chroniclers.  As a group, we want to be
> certain that the information we distribute is correct and official.  And
> outsiders are far more likely to see a Web page than a baronial newsletter.
> I don't think warrenting is merely a question of official funds being spent,
> as was mentioned about 150 e-mails ago.

But we don't warrant editors of SCA-related paper publications printed
with private funds. Isn't a web page about the same? Thousands of
people a month land on my webpages from web search engines. For most of
them it is probably their first contact with the SCA. But most of
these webpages are miscellaneous A&S materials, not the "Barony of Foo

Gregory Blount

[ and no, I won't speculate about why the Rialto archive file on chastity
belts gets more hits than any other section, all from search engines. ]

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