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[Fwd: Trimaris injury -- URGENT]

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Poster: Logan and Arielle <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

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Subject: Trimaris injury -- URGENT
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Greetings All,

I am forwarding the following from the DSM for Rapier.  As you can see from the 
above list, it is incomplete.  PLEASE forward this to any other rapier marshalls
you know, electronically or otherwise.  I will be speaking with the Earl 
Marshall as soon as possible, and keeping their Majesties informed.

I have offered Tivar any and all assistance we can provide -- I think we should 
be in the forefront with Triplette, because they are "ours", at least 
geographically.  Tivar's first question to me was:

        Do you know who the "SCA specialists" are, who Triplette used to approve
        their SCA-style fencing jackets?

Anyone who has any ideas on this is cordially invited to offer them, as I have 
no idea, and have so informed Tivar.

My impression is that the causes of this injury, as outlined below, are being 
well handled in Atlantia at this time.  We know that there are problems with 
Triplette blades and jackets, and inspect them with that in mind -- our 
functional test for impenetrable armor certainly would have turned up this 
faulty jacket.

Tivar's re-emphasis is well taken, however.  I will add nothing to his words, 
except to say that you should take them as if they issued from me, as well.



Fair Greetings,                         Oct. 28, A.S. XXXI, 1996
I found out earlier this evening about a near-fatal injury that happened 
last month in Trimaris. I have spoken to their rapier marshal, the fighter 
who was injured, and one off-field witness (I'm awaiting calls back from the 
other fighter and the marshal on the field.)
The primary cause appears to be a Triplette Brand epee. As it was described 
to me, the final couple of inches are *extremely* thin metal, (approximately 
1/8" thick). When the blade broke, it left a flat, but very thin end which 
penetrated the fighter's canvas jacket and pectoral muscle, hit a rib and 
then exited back out the muscle. Had the blade landed a centimeter higher or 
lower, it would have missed the rib and penetrated the chest cavity.
A secondary cause of the break was simultaneous forward movement by both 
fighters, which aided in the classic "hit-bend-break-hit again" scenario 
that has caused at least two deaths in modern fencing.
A contributing factor was the fact that the blade had kinked badly a week or 
so earlier. The marshal at the time had told the fighter to "use it only for 
practice" (meaning point-control work), but the fighter (who is very new) 
understood it to mean "don't use this blade in tournaments". The incident 
happened at a fighter practice.
Another contributing factor may be the injured fighter's jacket. I'm getting 
conflicting reports as to it's suitability for SCA use.
THEREFORE please emphasize to your marshals to:
1. Check *all* blades, especially Triplette epees, near the tip for 
excessive thinness. We cannot afford to have this happen again.
2. If a blade is permanently down-checked, it should be removed from the 
"gene pool" in some way. Spray paint it orange, ask the fighter to break it 
in your presence, I'm open to suggestions...

     I realize that buying a replacement blade is expensive, but if we lose 
     a fighter due to negligence or outright stupidity, the chances are 
     good that we will lose SCA rapier fighting as well. 
     3. You should also emphasize to your local marshals the importance of 
     proper armor and weapons inspection at fighter practice, as well as 
     tournaments. As I've said elsewhere: broken blades are stupid, they 
     don't realize it's "only practice".
        -Tivar Moondragon
Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier Combat

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From: Chris and Elisabeth Zakes <moondrgn@flash.net>
Subject: Trimaris injury

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