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Re: Disc: Philosopher's Stone

Poster: "Carl Harris" <carlh@intercon.com>


> > Indeed, this mere translation of gold from one location to another 
> > would be LESS destabilizing than the transmutation of gold which 
> > the alchemist was trying for. 
> I do not agree. Gold would become much less valuable as a stable 
> currency if one has no idea when it might turn to lead. The 
> original intent would have the effect of increasing the gold supply, 
> which would *devalue* the stuff, but predictably so. Auric translation 
> is much more chaotic. 

I agree.  Both cases would lead to a point where gold would become
"persona non grata" However the translation would accelerate this
fact, once it is known to exist.
> > A> Sell the process to the Duponts, invest in out-Kingdom 
> > A> certificates of deposit and send checks to your neighbours after 
> > A> you move off-shore. . . 
> > P> License it, and sell it...for land. 
> > For centuries, mankind has known of several processes 
> > whereby individuals or groups could take from their neighbors 
> > gold, other precious metals, and even land.  (And, as with this 
> > new process, many hold that such methods can be ethically used 
> > against enemies in war.)  If gold, land, etc, are still valued 
> > despite these old processes, why should one more process 
> > destabilize things. 
> Because there is a known defense against these old processes. This 
> new process is FAR more difficult to defend against -- all gold must 
> be kept more than a mile from all alchemists at all times. 

This would also lead to a schism against alchemists,  and this
could lead to all sorts of interesting developments al la the

"We found a Alchemist...Burn him"
'How do you know he's an alchemist?"
"He turned me into...." You know where this is going <GRIN>

> Eventually the process will be refined to increase the radius of 
> effect, too. Time to start developing ways to make your 
> gold translation-proof. 
> In the meantime this will be very destabilizing. 

The simpler approach would be to change the currency base to another substance
This still would have almost disasterous destabilizing effect.  Imagine the typical person who is informed that the bag of gold that he/she has is worthless .

Gruffudd ap Cadfael
MKA Carl Harris
Deputy Herald of Ponte Alto

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