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Re: MR: Wlonk

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

> > ["wlonk"] is from Middle English. And then, in
> > some places we find W pronounced as a bilabial fricative, much like the
> > Spanish do with B and V between vowels these days. (Say Vvvv but take your
> > teeth away from your lip.) That should be no problem combining with L.
> Does this mean that there's very little difference in the sounds of
> the Catalonian name "Tirant lo Blanc" and a (hypothetical) Middle English
> name "Tiront low Wlonk" ?

Not really; B and V at the *beginning* of words are pronounced like B.
Also, this is modern Spanish I'm referring to. I'm not sure how medieval
Spanish handled these, and if Tirant's name is in Catalan that's a-whole-
'nother kettle of fish.

> (BTW, If Old English is called Ango-Saxon, shouldn't Middle English be
> called Anglo-Norman?)

>From what I've seen, no. Anyway, Anglo-Norman is the language of blazon,
which sounds a lot more French than Middle English does. (Ask Jaelle, who
has been heard to say "I do Anglo-Norman, and I'm *goooood.*")


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