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Re: Bagpipe Commonality

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

What is it with the bagpipe threads lately. I'm involved in another one on
the Rialto.

Dafydd wrote:
>Bryn Watkins speculates about bagpipes being instruments of war.
>Sorry, it ain't so.  

At least in England it's so. I forget which king of England (but I believe
it was past our period) did this, but he declared the bagpipes a weapon of war.

>Bagpipes are a very common musical instrument,

Yes, and if memory serves, introduced to the British Isle by the Romans.

>I'm not sure when bagpipes disappeared from most of Europe except
>Scotland, but it was long after the end of period.  

I have heard both German and Galician pipes. The former at Pennsic, and the
latter at the Washington Folk Festival a number of years ago. Each is very
different. Also, they never disappeared from Ireland or Norht Umbria. The
Irish had their war pipes in form like the Scots, but when the playing of
the pipes was outlawed in Ireland, the Uilleann pipes were introduced. These
are related to the North Umbrian small pipe. Both are very different (and
regrettably out of period for us) from the highland pipes.

>Robyyan would know
>better, if he's listening.  Regardless, I doubt that bagpipes were
>regarded as solely military instruments until after they had been
>abandoned by civilians, which was out of period.

This would essentially be correct.

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