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Re: Bagpipe Commonality

Poster: Bryn Watkins <bryn@tibinc.com>

>>Poster: "R. Mark Jones" <rmark@access.digex.net>
>>> Dafydd wrote:
>>> >
>>> >Bryn Watkins speculates about bagpipes being instruments of war.
>>> >
>>> >Sorry, it ain't so.  
>>And Corun replied:
>>> At least in England it's so. 
>>The legal decision that caused bagpipes to be classified as 'weapons of war'
>>was rendered in the wake of the Jacobean Revolt, if my memory is correct.
>>That classification still stands today.
I don't feel like cutting and pasting that much, but to tie this in with
Henry's thread of disarming- and of carrying arguments to their logical
extreme- does this mean that if we happened (not that I would, but just
speculate here) to be packing a .9mm handgun, we wouldn't be obligated to
disarm from it, because it's an OOP weapon?  Or a [insert nasty weapon of
your choice here]?  
>I'm just carrying on the argument here, take heed, 'cos if it WERE true
that the pipes are legally instruments of war, and I can't play them in
court, then I've just argued myself out of a job.
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